World History

Ages ago there were Humans and Elves. The elves, an evil plague upon mankind since the dawn of time, tormented man from the shadows. Cunning, vicious, and possessing superior magic, the elves looked at men as inferior creatures; playthings for their amusement. Though such events rarely occurred, humans lived in the real fear of kidnappings, faerie madness, being hunted for sport, and other such atrocities.

Finally, a great leader emerged amidst mankind, uniting all the human kingdoms. Kings across the continent swore him allegience, and man’s combined armies overflowed. The leader stormed the dark forests of the elven nations, determined to end their nightmares forever.

This great war raged for decades, with the elves using their sorcery and steel to slay many many humans. The humans bled, paying a terrible toll, but man was determined, and the elven numbers small. And so the massive ranks of the human armies at long last overwhelmed the elven warriors. No prisoners. No surrender.

To the victors go the spoils, and the Humans reaped the powerful magic items of their fallen opponents. Unable to create magical items themselves, these held great value in human culture. Predictably, conflicts arose over the arcane artifacts, and the great human alliance splintered.

Now, nearly five centuries have passed, and all arcane artifacts are long since extinguished. All artifacts, that is, except for those in the dangerous wilds near a remote outpost called…Kalendel.

World History

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